Commit to doing things God’s way.

God’s way is opposite, weird and unusual from the world’s way, therefore, don’t expect it to always make sense. If someone wrongs us, the world will tell us to hurt them back, however, God tells us to love, pray for, and forgive them. If we desire to increase in our finances, the world will tell us to work longer and hold on to everything we receive. God, however, tells us to give a portion of our finances away and trust Him.

God’s way is not always going to be appealing. If we have that lustful itch, the world will tell us to scratch it, however, God tells us to resist temptation. Or, if we know we had enough food, but, it just feels good to have one more slice of cake, God will tell us to discipline our flesh.

God’s way is unusual, not always appealing, and sometimes even difficult, but it’s not to be mean. It’s for our own benefit. When we commit to doing things God’s way, our life is not as stressful, we position ourselves to hear God clearly, and we will enjoy more of life.

While the world continues to live in a manner contrary to the will of God, continue to hold up the righteous standard and do things God’s way.

Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.