When we hear “spiritual warfare,” there are a few things that may come to mind. Some may think of a priest casting the devil out of a person and some may think of rebuking the devil in problematic areas in our lives.

A more appropriate understanding of spiritual warfare is continuously replacing evil, negative, untrue thoughts with the Word of God. These thoughts come directly from Satan. If we have an ailment, instead of dwelling on the ailment and receiving the lie of it’s only going to get worse, we replace that thought with, “by Jesus’ stripes, I am healed.” If our marriage is rocky, instead of believing the lie of it’s over, we declare a prosperous marriage.

It’s during these times where we must remain consistent. The tiring part of spiritual warfare is replacing negative thoughts with the Word of God regarding the same circumstance over an extended period of time. However, it’s vital to be consistent if we want to win.

Whatever negative situation(s) we may be in, understand it’s spiritual warfare and we win with consistently replacing Satanic thoughts with the Word of God.

2 Corinthians 10:4 The weapons of our warfare are not the weapons of the world. Instead, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 5 We tear down arguments, and every presumption set up against the knowledge of God; and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

Joshua 1:3 Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you, as I said to Moses.

Joshua 1:Be strong and of good courage, for to this people you shall divide as an inheritance the land which I swore to their fathers to give them. Only be strong and very courageous…

God told Joshua He has given him land. In that same breath, God told Joshua to be strong and courageous.

In most of our minds, if a gift is given, we don’t have to work for it or earn it. It’s just received. But here, God told Joshua He’s given him the land, yet He also told him to be strong and courageous.

What does this mean for us? In the New Covenant through Jesus Christ, there are promises available for us for the taking, however there’s a process to receive those promises.

That process is faith. That process may have us fatigued at times; it may have some uncertainties along the way, or even some seemingly impossible situations to conquer. It’s during this process where we’ll have to be strong and courageous. Proverbs 24:10 says, If you faint in the day of adversity, Your strength is small.

The promise has been given and approved by God. We must allow the Holy Spirit’s guidance to navigate our way through the process to the promise.

Romans 12:2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.

When we truly have a heart for God and desire to please Him, we’ll want to make sure we’re doing everything correctly. We want to make sure our “t’s” are crossed and our “i’s” are dotted. Ultimately, we desire to get to a place where everything we do pleases God and every thought aligns with His will.

Unfortunately, because we’re in the flesh, we’ll constantly be under construction. We’ll never be nor should we desire to be in a position where we know it all. Because God and His ways are holy, perfect, and infinite, we’ll constantly make adjustments in our lives. We’ll constantly get revelation of God’s Word, we’ll constantly receive correction on our attitudes, and we’ll constantly be disciplined about our behavior.

Don’t beat yourselves up because we don’t have it all together or we missed it in one area or another. Understand that as long as we live in this world, we are and we’ll always be under construction.

Philippians 2:14 Do everything without complaining or arguing, 15 so that you may be blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and perverse generation, in which you shine as lights in the world.

There’s a temptation to complain about someone or something. We’ll look at the positive verses the negative. We’ll magnify what we don’t have instead of rejoicing about what we do have. In relationships, we’ll see what’s wrong with our spouse instead of all that’s right. If we’re not mindful to view the brighter side of things, we’ll end off an old negative bitter person that no one wants to be around.

When we get the urge to complain about someone or something, we need to catch ourselves, and construct a compliment. Give a compliment to God for giving us life and supplying all we need. Find something nice to say about your supervisor. Compliment your spouse for doing a good job with a certain task.

As many complaints as we can find towards someone or something, we can find the same number of compliments towards someone or something. What compliments are you going to give today?

Psalm 103:5 Who satisfies your mouth with good things, So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

Before there were dietitians and before there were cosmetologists, the Word of God provided a correlation between what we ate and maintaining good youthful health.

This scripture tells us, God will satisfy our mouths with good things so that our youth is renewed. This means, God has the ability to take the desire away from us to eat poorly or overeat, and replace it with healthy eating. There are numerous stories of God taking bad desires away from individuals. In this case, it just so happens to be with food.

So, if you’re struggling to eat healthy or if you have a desire to look and feel youthful, put your faith in God to satisfy your mouth with good things.

People may have a narrative about themselves. They may say, I have trust issues, I get sick all the time, I have anger problems, or I have a lot of insecurities.  Here’s the thing. At any given moment, we can change our narrative. It’s our story. We don’t have to be stuck with the same narrative for the rest of our lives. The only person keeping that same narrative about ourselves is us.

We change our narrative by finding the truth about ourselves in God’s Word. God’s Word says we are overcomers, we’re healed, we have the peace of God, and we lack nothing in Christ (Rev. 12:11; Isaiah 53:5; Phil4:7; Col. 2:10).

Stop saying what you used to be. Change the narrative and declare what you are.

Psalm 139:13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. 14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. 15 My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. 16 Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

2 Samuel 6:10 He was not willing to take the ark of the Lord to be with him in the City of David. Instead, he took it to the house of Obed-Edom the Gittite. 11 The ark of the Lord remained in the house of Obed-Edom the Gittite for three months, and the Lord blessed him and his entire household.

When David refused to take the ark of the Lord to the city, he left it at the house of Obed-Edom. In the Old Testament, the ark of the Lord represented the presence of the Lord. The simple fact of the ark being in Obed-Edom’s house caused he and his family to be blessed.

As born-again believers today, we are under a better covenant. Unlike the presence of the Lord in the old covenant, which was there today and gone tomorrow, the presence of the Lord is ALWAYS with us everywhere we go. God is with us and He promised to never leave us.

Based on His presence alone, we should expect to be blessed. We should expect our health to be blessed, our finances to be blessed, our thought processes to be blessed, and our families to be blessed. This is the power of God’s presence operating in our lives. Use it for the glory of God.

Inspired by Bishop G.E. Patterson

There are going to be times where God tells us to do something that doesn’t make sense. He may tell us to leave a good job to go work at a place that pays less. He may tell us to leave a relationship that seems promising. He may tell us to give money away that we set aside for ourselves.

When it doesn’t make sense remember Jeremiah 29:11.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Whatever God tells us to do is to prosper us. The devil will tell us over and over again how stupid the idea is or how God is making our lives miserable but, he’s a liar. It may not make logical sense but, whatever God tells us to do ends in prosperity.

That job that pays less may be the catapult to fulfill our assignment and position us to receive double in salary. God could be saving us from a relationship where we’ll experience years of heartache. That money we gave away will bless someone else but God promises that it will come back to us with interest.

At the end of the day, in His own way, God desires to prosper us.

Matthew 19:21 Jesus told him, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow Me.” 22 When the young man heard this, he went away in sorrow, because he had great wealth.

This rich young ruler boasted about keeping all of the commandments but, when he was asked to give all of his riches away and follow Christ, he sadly went away. He couldn’t do it. Money had him bound.

Recently, there was a chance for someone to win over a billion dollars in the lottery. Believers would like to think we’d give a portion of it to the church, give some to the poor, help our families, and keep the rest for ourselves.

But, what if God instructed you to give it all away? Could you do it? Could you instantly put yourself back in the same financial predicament out of obedience to God? It would be difficult for anyone, but could you do it? Check your heart.

If we can confidently give over a billion dollars away, trusting God will return even more to us according to His Word in Luke 6:38, that’s when we’d know if we’re ready for that type of money.

Instead of hoping and praying for that type of wealth, let’s ask God to help us get our hearts and minds in position to handle money appropriately. Trust God over money.

Psalm 118:8 It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

Some of us have trust issues in relationships based on negative experiences in the past. We want to trust the other person, but it’s a hump we can’t seem to get over.

As we approach relationships or marriages, God is not requiring us to trust that person. He’s requiring us to trust Him in that person. That’s why it’s important that we get in relationships with like-minded believers. The Bible calls it equally yoked.

If we get into a relationship with a person who doesn’t know God or an immature believer, we’re taking a big risk of being hurt again. They don’t have to be flawless but, are they pursuing a deeper relationship with God? Are they making the effort to be led by the Holy Spirit? Are they renewing their minds with the Word of God?

We also need to talk to God to determine if the person is for us. If not, cut all ties. However, if God tells us to trust Him in that person, let go of all fears, and trust. We’re not trusting the person. We’re trusting God through them.

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