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James 1:14 But each one is tempted when by his own evil desires he is lured away and enticed.

The temptations Satan presents are enticing and they appeal to our flesh. They are tailor-made temptations based on our sin tendencies, our upbringing, and what we’re exposing ourselves to.

It may seem fun to relieve the stresses of work by getting tipsy at happy hour. If cheating on our spouses was glorified in our upbringing, we may be tempted to do the same.

Certain temptations may not lead directly to sin. They just may lead us away from something more beneficial. For instance, Satan may tempt us to binge watch Netflix shows instead of spending time with God. There’s nothing wrong with watching Netflix, but the temptation to binge watch shows leads us away from quality time with God or being more productive with our time like studying for a test.

We must recognize and not succumb to temptation. God has blessed us with the wisdom to know when we’re being tempted and has given us the strength to resist. Use these tools to honor Him and have a better quality of life.

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