Some of us understand the importance of consulting God on major decisions like, buying a house, marrying a person, or taking a job, but we should consult Him in minor things too.

Some of the minor things we often overlook are…
What outfit should we wear
What time should we go grocery shopping
When we should go to bed
When to take a break from work
What lane should we be driving in
What should we order at the restaurant

Some people may say we shouldn’t bother God with trivial things or He doesn’t care about that. God will get involved with whatever we give Him access to.

When we remember to consult God on minor things, we increase our clarity to hear His voice and we could potentially avoid major complications. Getting to know His voice on minor things will make it easier to hear Him during major decisions. Asking God what we should order at a restaurant could avoid food poisoning.

Get God involved in everything.

So the Israelites examined their food, but they did not consult the Lord. -Joshua 9:14 NLT