Genesis 3:5 For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.

Here is an interesting scripture where we can identify one of Satan’s traps to attempt to ruin our lives.

In the beginning, Satan ruined the lives of Adam and Eve by tempting them with the thought that God was hiding knowledge from them. The curiosity for additional knowledge ultimately led them astray from God’s Word and to their destruction. 
There is nothing new under the sun. Satan is still up to his old tricks today. With new discoveries in history and new theories, Satan is making some of us believe that the Word of God is not enough and there are additional resources that will lead us to the “truth”.

Some people will read books and listen to lectures that will intelligently contradict the Word of God. People become so fascinated with this new found knowledge until it makes them question the validity in the Word. This thought process can lead people astray from God’s Word, cause them to doubt, which will ultimately ruin their lives. 

I’m not saying don’t read books outside of the Bible or don’t listen to lectures outside of Christianity, but don’t let those things supersede the Word of God. Let God and His Word be true, but everything else a lie (Rom. 3:4). Don’t get fooled by the knowledge trap.