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Romans 8:1 So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.

Condemnation is that guilty shameful feeling we get when we’re not living up to the holy standards of God. There is no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus. Outside of Christ Jesus, where the Law is located, there’s condemnation. If there’s no condemnation to those in Christ, who lets us know we’re not living up to the holy standards and commandments of God? Satan.

Satan is known as the accuser (Revelations 12:10). He’s always showing us flaws in our way of living. If we’re not honoring God in our lifestyle, he’ll make us feel bad about that. If we’ve been divorced, he’ll make us feel ashamed. If we haven’t been to church lately, he’ll make us feel guilty about that. Even if we try to get it all together and do everything we know is right, he’ll show us areas that we’ve missed; leaving us feeling like we’re not good enough.

The reason why there’s no condemnation in Christ Jesus is because Jesus fulfilled the Law, Jesus took our shame, and Jesus took on our past and future sins. If we live our lives through Jesus, there’s no reason to feel condemned about anything. We may not be perfect in this area or that area, but Jesus was.  Therefore, we’re perfect in the eyes of God.

So, anytime we get that guilty feeling for not living up to the holy expectations of God, rebuke the devil and thank God for Jesus.

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