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Matthew 26:53 Are you not aware that I can call on My Father, and He will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels?

Here’s a quick lesson from Jesus prior to Him going to the cross. Jesus could have called twelve legions (36,000) of angels to His defense against those who were arresting Him. In 2 Kings 19 we see one angel can kill 185,000 men, therefore, 36,000 angels can kill 6,660,000,000 men. Although Jesus could have destroyed everyone who was attempting to harm Him, He let them make it and allowed them to live.

There will be people who will test us in all areas in life. During those times, we don’t have to always win the battle or prove that we’re right. Sometimes, it’s in our best interest and the best interest for the Kingdom to hold our tongues and let them make it. If Jesus would have called His angels to destroy those soldiers, He would not be glorified and the Kingdom of God would be empty because we would still be lost in our sins.

Someone may want to argue and we have enough information to make them feel foolish, but is making them feel foolish honoring to the Father? Does it show the love of God or bring them closer to Christ? No. Someone may want to fight us and we know we can destroy them, but beating them up will not bring honor to God and we may have to deal with the consequences of going to jail.

Always being right and always winning is overrated. Follow the example of Jesus and let people make it.

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