Faith is what we use to possess the desires God placed in us. Faith is used to obtain our healing, our house, or a happy marriage. The first step to faith is seeing ourselves with those desires. To better see ourselves with these desires, it’s beneficial to go dream.

When we go dream, we’re intentionally taking our minds to a place of seeing ourselves with that desire. For a house, we go dream by driving by desirable neighborhoods and seeing ourselves owning one of those houses. If we want to work at a certain company, we should go by that company and walk around if allowable and see ourselves employed at that company. For a happy marriage, we should go to our living room and see ourselves having a great time with our spouse. If we want to walk again, we should go by a park and see ourselves walking through the park. Nothing is off limits with God.

As we dream, it’s even more beneficial to confess what we envision.

Don’t allow anything or anyone to stop your desires from manifesting. Go dream.

Genesis 15:5 And the LORD took him outside and said, “Now look to the heavens and count the stars, if you are able.” Then He declared, “So shall your offspring be.” 6 Abram believed the LORD, and it was credited to him as righteousness.