Psalm 4:5 (AMP) Offer righteous sacrifices; Trust [confidently] in the Lord.

Giving is a financial plan for God to bless our lives. When we give our tithes and offering, it’s an opportunity for God to positively impact our lives.

Sacrifices made in the old covenant were associated with the killing of animals unto the Lord. Under grace, we no longer need to offer a blood sacrifice, but a financial sacrifice is advantageous to the quality of our lives.

There will be times where God prompts us to give a sacrificial offering. It’s usually over and above our normal tithes and offering. In some of our minds, every time we give it’s a sacrificial offering. God is not trying to take money from us. He’s giving us the opportunity to strengthen our trust in Him.

If we can show that we trust Him with our money, He’ll blow our minds with blessings we can’t imagine. Trust God more than money. If He tells you to give more, just do it and God will give you something money can’t buy (favor).