Romans 5:1 (ESV) Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

By faith, we’re justified. Justified means we’re righteous or made right with God. We’re not made righteous because of actions and works. We’re made righteous because God’s Word says we’re righteous when we believe.

Satan loves to point out all our flaws. He loves showing us how we missed it in this area, how we sinned in that area, and how we could have done better in another area. If we’re not mindful, these flaws he’s pointing out can give us a sense of unrighteousness. We must understand there is nothing we can do to make us any more righteousness than we are now and there’s nothing we can do that can take away our righteousness. We’re righteousness through Jesus Christ.

So, if we messed up a couple of times this week or we’ve been sinning for years, if we believe in the finished works of Jesus, we can boldly say, “I am righteous.”