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Romans 10:17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

We don’t listen to the word of God so that God is pleased with us and we don’t listen to the word to check some religious box. We listen to the word to build and strengthen our faith.

The more word we hear, the stronger our faith. If we listen to the word on healing, we’ll have strong faith to know we are healed. If we hear the word of God on prosperity, we’ll have faith for prosperity.

We need our faith to be strong because we have an enemy who wants to destroy us. He doesn’t want to see us saved, healthy, blessed, or at peace. Our faith can counterattack his thoughts,  ideas, and suggestions. Also, negative situations in life will come and having faith in the word of God helps us look beyond those situations and focus on God’s promises. 

If you want to live a defeated life, don’t listen to the word. However, if you want to live a victorious life, get a daily dose of word. Remember, it’s not for God. It’s for you to be equipped with the neccessary tools to win.

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