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with this message: People of Israel, I am the holy Lord God, the one who rescues you. For your own good, I teach you, and I lead you along the right path. How I wish that you had obeyed my commands! Your success and good fortune would then have overflowed like a flooding river. -Isaiah 48:17‭-‬18 CEV

During the days of the Law of Moses, obedience was the only thing that brought blessings on people’s lives. Although we’re no longer under the law, obedience still plays an important role in the believer’s life.

Grace, through Jesus Christ, has made all of God’s promises available to us. Our faith claims what grace has made available. Our obedience to the commands under grace and the Spirit of God position us to receive what grace has made available.

Sometimes, our disobedience is the thing that’s stopping God from manifesting overflowing blessings and wonders in our lives. He may tell us to forgive, read His word more, or stop behaving in a certain way. As we remain in faith and obey, we’re actively submitting our will to His. That’s what’s going to open the door for us to tangibly receive His promises in our lives.

Don’t let disobedience block you from getting what God has promised you.

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