That is why I said that you will die in your sins; for unless you believe that I Am who I claim to be, you will die in your sins.”
John 8:24 NLT

Proverbs 16:18 says, pride goes before destruction. The biggest form of pride we can have is unbelief.

Some of us are too prideful to believe in a resurrected Savior. It’s illogical. It doesn’t make sense. Why would anyone believe that? If we’re not mindful, that pride will have us die in our sins.

The world says we’re uneducated if we believe in this “Jesus”. The world says we have a sense of morality to do right and wrong. The world says there’s no heaven or hell.

Don’t die in your sins by holding onto pride through unbelief. I, you, we need a Savior. His name is Jesus. He is the Son of God and He died for our sins. Our belief in what He accomplished allows us to have everlasting life. Don’t die in your sins. Believe in Jesus.