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Luke 8:3 NLT Joanna, the wife of Chuza, Herod’s business manager; Susanna; and many others who were contributing from their own resources to support Jesus and His disciples.

These people were contributing to Jesus’s ministry from their own resources. Some of us may say, “I would have given out of my resources if I were around during the time of Jesus…” But, would you???

Think about it. There were a lot of skeptical people when Jesus walked the earth. He didn’t glow as He walked around. He looked like an average person, but claimed to be the Son of God. They probably said, “If He’s the Son of God, He shouldn’t be taking our resources. It should fall from heaven.” Followers of Jesus didn’t know the details of what Jesus was planning to do for mankind, and yet they gave to His ministry. These people truly were giving out of a heart of love and gratitude.

We know the details of what Jesus accomplished for us. We know we’re free from the law and have been made right with God. We know He died on the cross for all our sins. We’re experiencing the abundant life now. With all of that, some of us are still reluctant to give.

Some are afraid that the preacher is taking their money for personal gain. Some have been deceived into thinking, “God understands my heart and situation so, I won’t give.”

God has been way too good for us to shortchange Him. If it was beneficial for Jesus to receive from His followers, surely we can give to God now. We can read about everything He’s done and what magnificent things He’s prepared for us. Based on this alone, we should cheerfully give, from our own resources, to the Kingdom of God. Don’t be greedy, give.

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