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Revelations 1:5-6 says, through Christ we’re kings and priests. As a king, let’s look at the benefits.

How the king rejoices in your strength, O Lord! He shouts with joy because you give him victory. For you have given him his heart’s desire; you have withheld nothing he requested. Interlude You welcomed him back with success and prosperity. You placed a crown of finest gold on his head. He asked you to preserve his life, and you granted his request. The days of his life stretch on forever. Your victory brings him great honor, and you have clothed him with splendor and majesty. You have endowed him with eternal blessings and given him the joy of your presence.
Psalms 21:1‭-‬6 NLT

These are promises given to every born-again king. We have victory, granted desires, restoration, prosperity, everlasting life, and more. This is part of our inheritance.
Receive this and don’t let it go. Know that as a born-again child of God, you are a king and these are the benefits of royalty.

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