The devil’s goal is to make us believe that God’s word won’t come to pass. To combat his attack, we need faith. The only way faith comes is by hearing the word of God.

We gain faith by continously hearing ourselves read/quote God’s word, hearing the teaching of God’s word, or listening to the voice of God. It’s not just a one time event. The word must be heard constantly. The more word we hear, the stronger our faith becomes.

The devil will tell us all the reasons why it won’t work or come to pass. Our hearing the word of God builds confidence in God’s word. That confidence is what’s going to manifest God’s promise.

One man usually can’t defeat an entire army by himself. He’ll need reinforcements. One coat of paint usually won’t cover the surface properly. It will take multiple coats. Hearing God’s word one time won’t keep our faith strong enough to withstand the enemy’s attacks. It will require multiple listening sessions of God’s word in that area.

Romans 10:17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.