Psalms 34:6 NLT In my desperation I prayed, and the Lord listened; He saved me from all my troubles.

God desires that we communicate with Him all the time, but the great thing about God is if we only find ourselves communicating with Him during desperate times, He hears and delivers us from our troubles. He’s not turning His back on us or condemning us for only calling Him when we’re in trouble. He’s there to help as if we’ve been communicating with Him for years.

People may wonder why we only call them when we need them, but God doesn’t. He’s satisfied that we’re depending on Him. We may not have spoken to Him in years, but if we call, He’s right there to save us. And He’ll continue to save us every time in the hopes that we’ll depend on Him more.

Don’t feel bad or hypocritical for calling God during desperate times. Know He’s waiting and wanting us to depend on Him.