Back Story: Israel and Syria are plotting to attack Judah. Their plans are intercepted by God. God instructs Isaiah to tell King Ahaz (Judah’s king) to not worry or be afraid because these plans won’t be successful.

After Isaiah told King Ahaz that Israel and Syria’s plans won’t work against them, King Ahaz had a choice. He could either believe the word of the Lord or continue to worry. Isaiah said the following:

And the head (capital) of Ephraim is Samaria, and the head of Samaria is Remaliah’s son [King Pekah]. If you will not believe [and trust in God and His message], be assured that you will not be established.” ’ ”
Isaiah 7:9 AMP

Daily, we have a choice. We can either believe God’s word or worry about the circumstances. God’s word says we’re healed, we can accept that or worry if we will ever get better. God’s word says He’ll supply all our needs, we can accept it or reject it. God says He’ll protect us. We can believe Him or try to protect ourselves.

If we can’t fathom, believe, or comprehend how God’s word is going to come to pass, based on the circumstances, we’ll never experience the benefits of a believer. Like Isaiah said to King Ahaz, if we will not believe and trust in God and His message, be assured that we will not be established.