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2 John 1:6 NLT Love means doing what God has commanded us, and he has commanded us to love one another, just as you heard from the beginning.

Love is often talked about, but it’s rarely demonstrated appropriately. The world has a distorted form of love. They love when it’s convenient, when they feel like it, and only if someone loves them back. Certain believers seem to love the people in the four walls of the church, but they seem disinterested in loving everyone else.

As believers, we are called to love everyone. Just like God loves everyone, we’re to love too. Our love is based on a decision. It has nothing to do with how the other person treats us, what religion they belong to, or if they love us. If we go to a store, we’re commanded to love every person in that store, no exceptions.

Expressing the God kind of love takes effort because it goes against our flesh and everything that’s taught in the world. We must immerse ourselves in teachings about His love. Once we receive it, we must take action.

We love by making people feel comfortable around us, being an unexpected blessing to a random person, being friendly, reaching out to and praying for an old friend. Anything God puts in our hearts to do for someone else is a form of love. Let’s talk about and display God’s love without excuses or exceptions.

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