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I remember the days of old. I ponder all Your great works and think about what You have done.
Psalms 143:5 NLT

It’s important to think back on all that God has done. Remembering the days of old does two things. It allows God to be honored for His wonderful works and it motivates us to trust Him again.

Once the miracle happens, we may praise Him for a week or so, but our praise starts to wane. Remembering what God has done reignites our appreciation for God.

Satan loves to discourage us and sometimes we fall for the bait. In so many words, he’ll let us know God can’t handle what we’re currently facing. Remembering the days of old reminds us of Satan’s tactics. He said God couldn’t handle the last problem, but He did. He said God wouldn’t provide, deliver, heal, or promote, but He did. So, remembering what God has done let’s us know how wrong Satan is and how awesome God is.

Take a moment to remember all that God has done and give Him praise. Praise Him for what He’s done and praise Him for what He’s about to do.

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