Psalms 119:37 Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, And revive me in Your way.

The television and internet are full of worthless things. Those things are designed to appeal to our flesh. Worthless things simply mean things that have no value. 

Our souls are composed of our mind, will, imagination, emotion, and intellect. When we look at dramatic, lustful, or chaotic things, we’re putting worthless things into our souls. So, instead of knowing scripture that will help us in our day of adversity, we know who did what to who and instead of having compassion for a group of individuals we saw in need on TV, we know which celebrity cheated on their spouse. 

This is not to bring condemnation on anyone regarding the shows they’re watching or what’s being researched. This is an opportunity for us to reevaluate what we’re putting into our souls and determine if it’s beneficial to our lives, the lives of others, or the Kingdom of God.