Romans 12:12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

These are simple lessons from the Word of God that will assist us in life.

Faithful in Prayer: There are a lot of circumstances in our lives and in this world that need to change. The only way things will change is through prayer.

Prayer is permission for God to get involved in mankind’s affairs. If it’s a circumstance that needs changing in our lives or in the world, prayer is the first thing we must do. Once we’ve prayed, we don’t need to pray about the situation again. We transition into thanksgiving because we know God heard us and since He heard us, we know we have what we asked (1 John 5:15).

Our faithfulness in prayer is based on our consistency. From mass shootings, to cancer in people’s bodies, to an increase in finances, the amount of things we can pray about is endless. Watching the news for an hour will keep us praying for a week.

The problem occurs when we get prayer-lazy because we’re content with our life and how our life is going and we’re not compassionate for others or the condition of the world. If we can extend our prayer life outside of ourselves and our immediate circle, the world around us would be a better place.

Continue to be faithful in prayer because it’s the only way God can get involved.