Psalm 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the LORD guards the city, The watchman stays awake in vain.

What is Solomon telling us in this verse? Unless the Lord is the initiator of our efforts, our efforts are in vain.

Someone has a business idea. Did the Lord give them that? If not, whether the business is successful or not, that business is in vain. Someone wants to be healed of a certain disease, therefore, they pray an extra hour, fast until dark, and speak in their heavenly language for an hour everyday to “get God to move.” Did God give them those instructions? If not, their efforts are in vain. Someone desires promotion within their company, therefore, they work longer hours and attend all the company’s functions to be noticed. Did the Lord prompt them to do that or was this an idea developed within themselves? 

The point is, no matter what efforts we put into something, whether it be for the Kingdom of God, our success, or the success of our families, God must be the initiator. Let God lead and direct our lives. If not, all our efforts are in vain.