Psalm 125:2 As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people both now and forevermore.

When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we become people of God (John 1:12). As we can see, the Lord has promised to surround His people.

What does this mean for us? It’s another form of protection. In countless places in the Bible, God promises to protect and keep us while we’re living in a dying sin filled world (Psalm 91:7 Psalm 91:11; Psalm 128:1, etc.).

From the news to social media, we’ll see devastating things happening to people and our environment. If we keep our focus on what’s happening in the world, we’ll live in fear, paranoia, and honestly, we’re really not living at all. However, if we read God’s Word regarding His presence always being with us, His protection, and His covering, this will comfort and reinforce God’s commitment to us.

Believe this promise and enjoy life in spite of what’s occurring around us. Praise God that we’re surrounded.