Romans 12:1 (NCV) So brothers and sisters, since God has shown us great mercy, I beg you to offer your lives as a living sacrifice to him. Your offering must be only for God and pleasing to him, which is the spiritual way for you to worship.

After we get saved or rededicate ourselves back to the Lord, at some point, we have a desire to give God our all. We think of His goodness and His mercy and all He’s done for us and we become so overwhelmed until we make statements like, “God, You can have all of me.”

Giving God our all is good until it becomes inconvenient. God may want us to serve in a certain area of ministry at our church, but that area requires us to stay 2 hours after church on Sunday which impedes on our time to relax. God may prompt us to give an additional $200 of offering we weren’t planning on spending. Did we really mean all or was that all predicated on our convenience? Being inconvenienced, some of us exchange the word “all” to “some.”

Here’s how to continue giving God all. Giving God our all will require some sacrifice. We don’t want our all to become legalistic where we feel guilty or condemned if we didn’t do a certain thing, but some sacrifice is necessary. The freedom of giving God our all resides in being led by the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit prompts to do a certain thing or give a certain amount, do it. But, if a similar circumstance occurs again, consult the Holy Spirit again because He may lead you to relax or not give.

When we align our will to the will of God, being led by the Spirit of God, we are conveniently giving God our all.