Luke 16:10 Whoever is faithful with very little will also be faithful with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.

Time plays a factor in faithfulness. God’s Word tells us if we’re faithful in little, we will be faithful in much. Matthew 25:23 says if we’re faithful with a few things, we can be entrusted with many things. We all want more, but our faithfulness cannot be displayed without time.

We want a better car, but we have to be faithful with the car we have. Over time, we have to clean the car and keep the car well maintained. We want a better job, but we have to be faithful at our current job. We have to consistently arrive at work on time and work unto the Lord (Col. 3:23).

Even the world’s system honors faithfulness. People honor commitment. It’s difficult to show our resume of faithfulness if we’ve been at 6 jobs within a year.

Don’t be so anxious to move on to the next best thing. Understand that during the delay of more, we have an opportunity to exercise our faithfulness. Place your faith in God and exercise faithfulness, and God guarantees we’ll receive more.