Exodus 20:3 You shall have no other gods before Me.

A lot of people will go above and beyond the minimum to be what they deem to be successful. For singers, they’ll wait in line for days in order for judges to hear them in an audition. For athletes, they’ll wake up early, discipline themselves, and push their bodies to the limits. People will work 70 or more hours a week building their business. Unfortunately, people will also prostitute themselves, expose themselves, or engage in criminal behavior to be “successful.”

People focus on being successful to the point where it becomes an idol or a god. An idol is anything that replaces or trumps God. The same tenacity people have to become successful, is the same tenacity we should have for the things of God. 

Success is not the goal. Honoring God is our goal. When we honor God, success is a byproduct of our honor. Let’s redirect our focus and honor God.