Proverbs 21:23 He who guards his mouth and his tongue, Guards his soul from troubles.

Have you ever seen a baby being somewhat destructive? Every time you pick something up, they want to drop it. When you clean up their toys in an area, they want to come behind us and mess up the area. We try to tell and show them how to clean up behind themselves, but they continue to do this because they don’t know any better or they refuse to change their ways.

The same way a baby can be destructive with their toys or in an area, is the same way some of us are destructive with our words. The bible clearly says, death and life are in the power of the tongue (Prov. 18:23), but some of us continue to be destructive with our words. Some of us just have to tell people how bad it is or how hard we have it. The bible and ministers have tried to tell us to be constructive with our words, but like a baby, some of us don’t know any better or some of us refuse to change.

Here’s another warning. We construct or destruct our world with our speech. We may not see it immediately, but every time we speak negatively over our lives, our finances, our children, and our jobs, we’re destined to have what we say.

So, begin constructing the life you desire to see by changing your speech.