Isaiah 40:17 All the nations are as nothing before Him, They are regarded by Him as less than nothing and meaningless. 18 To whom then will you liken God? Or what likeness will you compare with Him?

No matter how much success we experience in the world and no matter how much notoriety we have, we are less than nothing without God. Never get it misunderstood. It’s not because of our work ethic, our education, or our connections that we’re successful. It’s because of God.

Through His grace and mercy, God allows us to experience this success. He allows us to be alive to enjoy this abundant life. God allows our bodies to function properly. God’s angels keep death and destruction from our lives. God… God… God.

As soon as we become “I minded” where we believe that I did this or I did that and not give credit to God, we become living fools. With every success in life, realize it’s all because of God.