Exodus 14:14 The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

“For your peace, let the Lord fight for you.” –Hezekiah Walker

For those who had an older brother or maybe an older sister in the same school, there was a type of peaceful confidence displayed. Those people knew that if anyone would tease them, they could tell their older sibling who would intimidate or fight the bully.

We have Almighty God on our side. Who or what can stand against Him? Trials, sickness and disease, a problematic marriage, and lack attempt to bully our lives. Instead of trying to fight these things ourselves, we need to tell our bully about our God. We need to let the Lord fight our battles.

It does us no good to face these situations alone because these problems are too big for us to solve, but they’re not too big for God to handle. Placing our trust in God’s abilities and knowing His love for us, will give us a peaceful confidence we need when these situations attack our lives. Let’s be still and let the Lord fight our battles.