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Matthew 9:23 When Jesus entered the ruler’s house, He saw the flute players and the noisy crowd. 24 “Go away, He told them. “The girl is not dead, but asleep.” And they laughed at Him.

Satan attacks us in our thoughts. If he can get us to doubt God’s ability or God’s willingness to help us in our current situation, he can stop our promises from coming to pass.

That’s why it’s so important to do certain things that will keep us in faith. Those things usually appear foolish to the world or even to some believers, but it’s important to stay in faith. Some of those things consist of confessing what we desire to see instead of talking about what we’re actually facing. With our nose stopped up and as we’re coughing, we declare we’re healed. We can periodically confess the Word of God over our situation under our breath throughout the day. Read our Bibles during lunch instead of watching TV. Visibly praise God in our cars for the things we want to come to pass.

Anyone of these things may get us strange looks or laughed at by some but, we’ll get the last laugh when what we’ve confessed and praised God about manifests in our lives.

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