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You suddenly had to pay for a big purchase. Now, you’re $10,000 in debt. The most logical way is to work extra hours which will cause us to miss family functions and stay in a constant state of exhaustion. There’s another way. You receive a diagnosis from the doctor. The treatment is to take numerous amounts of medication that has horrible side effects. What if I were to tell you there’s another option?

That other option requires our reliance on God. We tend to look at life logically. We see a problem and we tend to look at the most logical solution. That solution may not be our best option.

Instead, our best option is to look spiritually to God for guidance on what we should do. He may tell us to work extra hours but, only for two weeks instead of two months. And although the medication says take twice a day, God may tell us to take it once a day.

Our responsibility is to trust God’s process instead of our own or the one recommended to us. Don’t suffer through the issues of life. Dominate every issue in life by faith and reliance on God.

Psalm 62:5 I depend on God alone; I put my hope in him.  



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