Romans 8:25 But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.

The believer’s life is all about patience. The promises of God are there (healing, needs, desires) and we want them now but, we often end up waiting on God and His perfect timing.

God often forces us to exercise patience and self-control. We often make our lives harder when we try to force a blessing into existence.

We know God told us to wait another month before buying that car but, we have the money and we must have it now therefore; we buy it now. What we didn’t realize is in another month, that same car may be $5,000 less. We know God to us to wait another year before marring that person however, the invitations have been sent and the timing seems perfect therefore; we marry that person. The year God told us to wait may have exposed something in our potential spouse that we need to consider before marrying them.

Just know when we’re waiting on the manifestation of God’s promises, He’s not withholding it from us but, He has perfect timing and He knows what’s for our good.