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There are some of us who want to do the right thing. We want to please God by being a good servant for His Kingdom, acknowledge God in all our ways, be a good spouse, and be a good parent.

It’s a good thing to want to do the right thing, but sometimes we miss it. We desire to do good, but our flesh gets in the way and we miss the mark. That’s not the time to beat ourselves up or believe Satan’s lie that we’re going to miss our blessing. We must extend grace to ourselves.

Step 1: Acknowledge that we missed the mark.
Step 2: Receive God’s forgiveness and His forgetfulness of the mark we’ve missed (Heb. 8:12).
Step 3: Understand if God has forgiven us and forgotten our sins, we should too.
Step 4: Continue on with life as if we haven’t done anything wrong.

By extending grace to ourselves, the devil can’t hold anything over our heads (condemnation). Follow these steps to experience complete freedom from everything we’ve done wrong.  

Ecclesiastes 7:20 Surely there is not a righteous man on earth who does good and never sins.

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