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Psalm 34:2 (CEV) With all my heart, I will praise the LORD. Let all who are helpless, listen and be glad.

When God blesses us, don’t hide it. Don’t try to fit in and have a commonality with friends or coworkers. Let others know what God has done.

Our friends may be having a pity party discussing how broke they are and how depressing life is. They may be trying to one up each other on how miserable their life has become.
If we know God has blessed us and we’re not struggling financially, don’t join in. Tell them how good God has been. Our friends may think we’re boasting. They’re absolutely correct; we are. We’re boasting in the Lord and all He’s accomplished for us. There’s no sin in telling everyone how good God has been.

If they can’t handle God blessing our lives without being jealous, they’re not meant to be our friends. If we can’t handle criticism after receiving a head-turning blessing from God, don’t ask God.

Don’t go down to their level. Give them an opportunity to use their faith to get whatever they want and need from God.

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