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God loves you tremendously. We can’t even fathom how much God loves us. We may kind of have an idea about how much He loves us, but the love we think He has for us doesn’t compare to how much He actually loves us.

Because of His love for us, He’s implemented promises that every believer can access by faith. Because of His love for us, He wants us to live this life on earth saved, healed, delivered, stress-free, prosperous, wise, blessed, joyful, and knowing (not just feeling) we’re loved. All of these promises stem from His love towards us.

If we don’t think that He loves us, we won’t trust Him, we won’t believe Him, and we won’t obey Him. Why? Because we’re skeptical about His love towards us.

Don’t be a skeptic. Receive His love and the promises attached to His love and experience this amazing life He’s made available for us.

May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.
Ephesians 3:19 NLT

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