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John 8:15 You judge me by human standards, but I do not judge anyone.

If anyone had the right to judge someone, it was Jesus. He was innocent and perfect, but even in His perfection, He didn’t judge anyone.

We are not innocent and outside of Christ, we are far from perfect, but some of us still choose to judge others. There are Christians who judge other Christians basically saying, “You’re not holy because you do/don’t do __ and God is not pleased with you.” There are pastors criticizing and judging other pastors from the pulpit. Some of us may not say a word, but we’re judging someone else in our hearts.

All judgement is wrong. If we find ourselves with a mindset of judgement because we read a few books in the Bible, we should recognize that this is an attack from Satan. He’s trying to tear down the Kingdom of God internally by having us tear each other down through judgement. We all need grace and judgement doesn’t strengthen the body of Christ; it makes us weaker.

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