So don’t be misled, my dear brothers and sisters.
James 1:16

Satan is a great deciever. Through his deception, he has mislead people away from the truth in God’s word.

One misleading is thinking temptations come from God. We’ll all face temptations, but these temptations didn’t come from God. These temptations came from our own lustful desires. Just because we see a deceptive way to get more money, or we’re attracted to a person we’re not married to, we should stop saying God is testing me. Recognize that the temptation came from the devil, and rebuke the thought.

Another misleading from Satan are other doctrines that seem to come out annually. People are always being deceived into thinking that this doctrine or religion was the original and Christianity is just a cheap knock-off.

These misleading ideas can leave us confused and deceived. Don’t be misled. Let God’s word provide the truth.