Lamentations 3:40 Instead, let us test and examine our ways. Let us turn back to the Lord.

It’s examination time. It’s time to look at every area of our lives to see if there are areas where we need to turn back to the Lord. Turning back to the Lord means, in that area, we do things God’s way. It’s a form of repentance (changing).

We may go to church, pray, read our bibles, but we’re not a giver. That’s an area where we need to turn back to the Lord. We turn back to God by trusting God with our money. We may do all the right things, but we know we heard God tell us to quit our jobs and go into full-time ministry. Turn back to God by following His voice and stepping out on faith. If your attitude needs improvement, turn back to the Lord where your attitude is concerned.

Whatever area we need to do things God’s way, let the Holy Spirit lead you to do things God’s way.