Therefore, I will always remind you about these things—even though you already know them and are standing firm in the truth you have been taught. -2 Peter 1:12 NLT

There are a lot of things we know in the bible, but we often should be reminded of certain things in order to enjoy this life Jesus died for. We also should remind someone else.

Here are some things we should be reminded of…

  1. Our words have power (Proverbs 18:21). We sometimes can forget that our words have power. They have the power to create or destroy things in our life. So, speak life to create the life you want to experience.
  2. Forgive (Mark 11:25). Forgiveness doesn’t benefit someone else. It helps us. It gets rid of all the clutter we have so we can focus on what God called us to do.
  3. Be led by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14). It’s not our logic, our feelings, or the opinion of another. It’s the Holy Spirit Who should be leading our lives and making the first and final decision in every aspect of our lives.

These are just a few things that can help us along the way. Continue to read God’s word to remind yourself and others on how to live an abundant life.