I Chronicles 16:11 Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face evermore!

God wants us to spend time with Him. He doesn’t just want us to acknowledge Him on Sunday. He wants us to have daily communication with Him. Just because He knows everything doesn’t mean He doesn’t want to talk to us about everything.

God wants to help us in problematic areas, He wants to show us how He blessed us that day, He wants to show us where our next opportunity will come from, He wants to show us how to parent our children, He wants to reveal areas where we can improve, and He wants to show us areas where we have grown.

All of this can be done by spending time with God. Some think they need to be on their knees in a quiet room to spend time with God. That’s not necessarily the case. We can talk to God at work, in our cars, while working out, before we go to sleep, or all the above.

As much as we value earthly relationships with our parents, children, or siblings, we should value time with God. Spend time with the One who loves you the most.