Zechariah 8:6 This may seem impossible for my people who are left, but it isn’t impossible for me, the Lord All-Powerful.

A marriage being restored after infidelity, money for that dream house, being healed of that incurable disease, and getting over previous pains may all seem impossible, but it’s not impossible with God.

If we truly believe that God can do the impossible, nothing is too far gone. The problem with some of us is our belief. We may have head knowledge that God can do anything and can turn situations around, but that belief is not in our hearts. We’ll look at the situation and because we can’t see how it’s going to happen, it’s difficult for us to believe.

To make it easier for us to believe in God turning situations around in our favor, we must first renew our minds with the word of God (Rom. 12:2). Daily, we should read scriptures of God doing miraculous things and His promises.

Secondly, we should hear good bible-based teaching about the thing that’s difficult for us to believe. Faith is what’s needed to turn any situation around to align with God’s word, but faith can only come by hearing the word of God (Rom. 10:17).

Finally, after building confidence in God’s word by reading and listening to God’s word, we must speak God’s word. Mark 11:23 teaches us we shall have whatever we say. Talking about the problem won’t change the problem and speaking about how unlikely it is that the situation changes will keep the situation the same. We must use the power of life in our speech to change the situation for the better. Declare you’re healed, declare you’re delivered from past pains, and declare you have the finances for whatever you desire.

As we follow these steps and let the Holy Spirit lead us, those seemingly impossible situations seem possible to overcome.