Luke 17:14 NLT He looked at them and said, “Go show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went, they were cleansed of their leprosy.

When people had leprosy, they were isolated from society. In order to be let back in society, a priest had to confirm they were cleansed.

When Jesus told these lepers to show themselves to the priests, that didn’t make sense. In the natural, they still had leprosy. It would make more sense for the lepers to have physical evidence of their healing before they saw the priests. But without any evidence that they were healed, they obeyed Jesus and started making their way to the priests. As they went, they were healed.

A lot of times, we want to have everything in order before we obey God. The blessing comes when we obey God without having it altogether.

God may have told us to seriously house shop. We want to have all our credit or finances in order before we obey God and house shop. With God, our credit and finances can straighten out as we house shop.

God may have told us to start exercising, but we may be experiencing pain in our leg. Logically, it makes more sense to wait until the pain leaves before we exercise. However, if we obey God, the pain could leave as we exercise.

Even with salvation, some people want to wait until they get their lives in order before making Jesus Lord. Obey God and accept Jesus as Lord now; just the way you are.

Stop waiting for the scenario to be perfect before obeying God. When it doesn’t make any sense and you can’t see how it’s going to happen, trust and obey God.