Isaiah 56:1 NLT This is what the Lord says: “Be just and fair to all. Do what is right and good, for I am coming soon to rescue you and to display my righteousness among you.

In our hearts, we know what is right. We know it’s right to give glory to God when good things happen to us. We know it’s right to stay faithful to our spouse and be kind to one another. God has written His laws on our hearts and in our minds, so deep down, we know what God expects of us (Heb. 10:16).

What stops everyone from doing right is demonic influences. We’re influenced to cut someone off while driving because they cut us off. We’re influenced to scroll through pornographic sites to satisfy our flesh. We’re influenced to be kind only to those who are kind to us.

The act of kindness (opening a door, giving a compliment, not complaining) is not hard. It’s a decision we make in our minds. Situations and people can make that act more challenging to accomplish, but it’s still up to us. For the Kingdom of God and for the glory of God, let’s do right.