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Each day that passes, we should be more and more conviced that the word works. Each trial we overcome should be evidence of God’s existence. Every time provision was made, when we couldn’t see a way, should provide assurance that God is for us. When we think about how we should have been dead, but we’re not, is a testament of God’s mercy and grace.

The longer we walk with God and live by His word, the more we’ll experience the miraculous. As we walk by faith and not by sight, we’ll see the manifestation of what we’ve believed God for.

At some point, there should be a point of no return. Situations don’t scare us like they used to because we’re convinced. Mountains don’t move us because we’re convinced. Sickness attacking our bodies or the bodies of our loved ones doesn’t freak us out because we’re convinced. We know our God-given authority and we’ve seen God work too many times in too many situations. We’re convinced that nothing can stop us as long as we trust Him.

Abraham was fully convinced that in any circumstance, God will do whatever He said. As we consistently depend, lean on, and trust in God, we too should get to a point where we’re fully convinced that what He said audibly and in His written word will come to pass.

Romans 4:21 NLT He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever He promises.

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