Psalms 18:32 NLT God arms me with strength, and He makes my way perfect.

Thoughts in Our Mind: If I do it this way, this may happen, but if I do it that way, that may happen. But I need to remember to do that, because if I don’t, that may happen.

There are times where we have to make a decision with more than one good option. Both options have their pros and cons. Of course, we want to make the best decision, but we can’t naturally determine which option is best.

With more than one good option, most people will “go with their gut.” The problem with making a gut decision is, it could work out well, but what if the other option was better? Or, what if the option we chose didn’t turn out as well as we thought?

When there’s more than one option, it’s best that we consult God on which option to choose. He’ll tell us the best path to choose. If we make a decision without consulting Him, don’t beat yourselves up about it. There’s grace available through Jesus Christ to make everything work out for our good. Go to God and He’ll make our way perfect.