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John 12:42 – 43 NLT Many people did believe in Him, however, including some of the Jewish leaders. But they wouldn’t admit it for fear that the Pharisees would expel them from the synagogue. For they loved human praise more than the praise of God.

Back in the day, there were Jewish leaders who believed in Jesus. They knew He was the Christ, sent from God. However, they didn’t want to go public with their beliefs out of fear of losing their status, position, and friendships in the synagogue.

Sad to say, some believers are still doing similar things today. They’ve privately accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. However, they hold on to these friendships and lifestyles where they behave in a manner that doesn’t please God. They fear losing their status in the world instead of gaining praise from God.

We don’t have to disown people we’ve been close to all our lives. Instead, we should invite them up to where we are. Invite them to church, share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them, let them know what they’re missing out on being in the family of God.

Don’t try to straddle the fence by being a closet Christian. Be all in for God and if others follow you great, but if they don’t, it’s their loss.

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