Acts 12:5 Peter was therefore kept in prison, but constant prayer was offered to God for him by the church.

When Peter was thrown in prison, the church remained in constant prayer to God on his behalf. Prayer is good but, prayer alone is not enough. Prayer must be accompanied with belief (faith) and expectation. Mark 11:24 says, when we pray, we must believe that we have received whatever we asked for.

Although the church was in constant prayer for Peter, we can see they lacked faith. How do we know this? Because in verses 13-15, when Peter was knocking at their door, they didn’t believe Rhoda when she told them it was Peter. They didn’t believe their prayers could free Peter. They prayed but, thought he died. They didn’t believe. They were just going through the religious motions of prayer.

When we pray, it’s our assignment to believe what we’re praying for will come to pass. Whether it be a month later or ten years later, we need to believe and expect our desires to knock on the doors of our lives.


Have faith in God. Pray, Believe, and Expect.

-Inspired by Smith Wigglesworth