Luke 8:11 Now this is the meaning of the parable: The seed is the word of God.

Anytime we plant a seed in the ground, we expect something to grow.

The Word of God is a seed. When we plant the Word in different areas of our lives, we should expect something to grow. We plant the Word with our mouths. When we confess His Word over our lives and believe, we’re sowing supernatural seed in our lives.

For instance, if we have symptoms of sickness in our bodies, when we plant the Word of “with His stripes, we are healed” into our lives, we should expect the harvest of divine health. If we have a financial shortage, we can plant the Word of “my God shall supply our needs” in our lives and expect just that.

No matter how big or small the situation we’re facing is, we can plant God’s Word in our lives and expect that situation to change for the better.