2 Samuel 6:14 And David danced before the Lord with all his might, clad in a linen ephod [a priest’s upper garment].

David danced in his undergarments. Is this how a king is supposed to act? Absolutely not. But, when it came to praising God, all protocol went out the door.

God has been so good to us. He’s saved us and delivered us from the bondage of sin. He blessed and continues to bless us. He’s healed our bodies. He’s kept our sanity, and so much more. With all that He’s done, breaking protocol for praise shouldn’t be an issue.

The problem is we think about other people. We don’t want to “embarrass ourselves” or look foolish, and we want to appear dignified. If lifting our hands, crying tears of joy, yelling, jumping, and running are foolish in the eyes of other people, then so be it. God is worthy of our praise.

In praise, break protocol by doing things you don’t normally do. God is worthy of all of our praise.

Inspired by Pastor Bill Winston